Cheat ninja saga hack permanen weapon kunai, naiginata.

1*Open ninja Saga & Fiddler
2*Put swf file in fiddler
3*Clear Cache 2 Time
4*Clear Browsing Data 2 Time
5*Go To Shop In Ninja Saga
6*Click at the 3 Button
7*Buy Practice Naginata Or Kunai
8*Ofter Click Buy wait 15 -20 Second Then Refresh Ninja Saga
9*Open Ninja Saga Again And See You will Have A new Naginata Or Kunai (Soon I Will Add New Weapons)
8*For Pack Hack Click Buy And Wait To Loading
9*Go To Gear And Equip
Note Pack Hack Not Permanent 

Credit : Flash Force K.A.H 

Download : >> FIDDLER2 <<
                 >> SWF << 

sumber: dc-server.blogspot.com